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Garlic to Eat and for Bug Spray

Grow sun yum! Plant a patch of GarlicNot just for warding off vampires, growing garlic gives you an ample supply of one of natureís best healing herbs.†There are many different types of garlic. Back by popular demand we have different colours of garlic available for planting now.

If you have a sunny spot try some pink, white or giant garlic itís easier than you think and besides growing some to eat you can also use garlic to make your own organic spray to keep your edibles free of bugs.


Grow it in a container!

One of the easiest ways to beat water restrictions is to grow your garden in containers. One can control how much water they get and when using grey water from a bucket in the shower itís easy to keep them looking good. Container gardens also offer the advantage of changing your garden with every season. The choice of plant material is limited only by your imagination.

When choosing plants for container gardens, keep in mind the scale of the container and how big the plant grows. Planting up a specimen container or arranging groupings of three or more pots can make a big difference to an entrance of entertainment patio.


The ten minute gardener

Feed the garden to boost the greenThe beginning of the year is always a time for cleaning up bringing in changes, from the office to the home and finally the garden. In getting the routine back after the holidays one doesnít always have a lot of time to get stuck in but if you have a few minutes here some quick tasks that make all the difference to your garden.


Wake up the garden!

The only way to grow the best is to feed your gardenGet you garden ready for summer entertaining and bring back some green. Even though the garden has not slowed down as much this past winter itís time to wake it up and get it ready. Over the next week sort out the lawn, feed the beds and to add a generous layer of compost all round.

Plants grow right through the year and even though some may seem to be standing still their roots are always growing. It is important to feed all plants, even indigenous ones need to be fed to perform at their best. Plants need various nutrients to give their best, some more nitrogen for leaves and others more potassium for better flowering or fruiting. Which fertiliser should you be using on the lawns or the beds?


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