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Summer Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers come in many stunning coloursSummer gardens often look a bit green through late summer as most of the popular shrubs are spring flowering. Consider planting a Hibiscus to lift the pallet with the showy blooms of Hibiscus lending a tropical touch to the home.

Bring a bit of summer holidays on the south coast to your garden by planting your favourite colour. Hibiscus flowers come in many stunning colours from pink, red, yellow to orange and the blooms can be either single or double as well as two tone coloured.


Carbon busting Spekboom

Grow to reduce your Carbon FootprintThe #waterwise indigenous Spekboom is one of the best environmental warrior plants one can grow. They are the ultimate carbon busting plant in a world where CO2 emissions are part of the problem for global warming. By having one or more in your garden you will reduce your carbon foot print and if you have space for a hedge you could almost neutralise it almost completely.

Cleaning the Air Indoors

The Peace Lily also known as White SailsWe get many requests for plants that are good to grow indoors and that will improve the quality of the air. There are many benefits to growing plants inside but they are often seen as a challenge. Whether you are adding something at home or to your desk in the office greening indoors and getting cleaner air in the winter especially, is much easier with our quick guide.

Houseplants decorating the home are becoming more and more popular as a new generation of homeowners learn the value of going green. As a versatile decorating tool, indoor plants offer endless scope with great effect but it is the air purifying qualities and the fact that they bring oxygen into the home that adds a new dimension to them. They soften the indoor environment and help to add colour and life to the interior, bringing the garden indoors.


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