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Grow great grub

Carrots are one of the easiest to growItís time to plant the first crop of summer edibles. Growing your own is one of the biggest trends in gardening today. Seasonal and artisanal are the big buzz words and there are more and more unusual and different edibles available each year. To grow the best you need to prepare the soil and make sure there is enough organic material and fertiliser to give you the best tasting crop.

Every garden or balcony has a spot for some herbs or veggies. Besides the cost savings the taste is always better and it is so rewarding when you put a salad on the table that is truly home made.


Cutting back

Roses flower better once prunnedPruning time is here! Bring light and sunshine into the garden to warm the soil and stimulate growth from the roots in the ground up. Besides the usual suspects like Roses give the whole garden a nip tuck and shaping to bring on spring. Roses, Hydrangeas and deciduous fruit trees all get pruned from July. Hedges and topiaries should get a good shaping as spring starts to get them ready for the first flush of growth.


Happy Daisy

Daisy bushes are a long time favourite in RSADaisy flowers are an all-time spring favourite in South Africa and are perfect for easy colour on the patio and around the garden in sunny spots. In folklore daisies symbolize a new beginning and a new spring always brings a promise of renewal. Many of the daisy flowers we grow are indigenous and water wise, hereís three of our most popular at Eckards.


Get the food garden going

Plant some fast leaf crops nowThe summer veggies and herbs are fast finishing off at the moment. The cooler evenings are ideal for sowing some new root crops for a winter crop. The warm day will quickly establish leaf crops to be ready to munch in a few weeks. #GrowSumYum itís time for beetroot, peas, lettuce and carrots to get into the ground.

The veggie garden also changes through autumn as the cool season plants go in and the last of the summer crop gets eaten. Keep the harvests coming into the kitchen by adding some family favourites now to harvest by mid June through to spring. If you donít have a veggie garden, how about growing some yum in a few containers on the patio or on the balcony this winter?


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