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Summer Garden Favourites

Agapanthus Black PanthaThe water restrictions and lack of rain flowed by the heavy rains and localised flooding has certainly been a challenge to many gardeners this year. Water shortages continue to be a reality and will likely become the norm as failing infrastructure and lack of investment into it by the council along with more homes in the area will mean even more pressure on water supply. Gardeners will always find a way to garden and one has to look after your investment into your property.


Poinsettia Stars

Poinsettia star speckledIt just would not be Christmas without Poinsettias! With striking pointed red leaves like a star surrounding a cluster of yellow flowers, poinsettias have become the symbol of Christmas around the world. The name for poinsettia in the ancient Aztec culture meant "star flower" and it is this link to the star over Bethlehem that brings them into the modern Christmas tradition. Here's how to look after them.


Water Wise Day Lilies

The Eckards pavement garden  of DayliliesThe flowering cycle of a Day Lily is basically a day, hence their common name. Day lilies or Hemerocallis as they are also known have become very popular over the past few years because they are so easy to grow and make a spectacular show.

Hemerocallis the botanical name for Daylilies is derived from two Greek words meaning day and beauty. There are many varieties in a wide range of flower colours which have made them quite collectable and every year more varieties are added to the range.


Sexy Hibiscus

Patio Hibiscus are available in stunning coloursSummer gardens often look dull after the spring flush when so many shrubs flower at the same time. Look for summer flowering plants to lift the pallet. Hibiscus has had a makeover for the modern garden and the new Patio Hibiscus is well worth considering. Bred to be more compact and for longer lasting flowers makes them a great option for container gardeners.


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