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Winter Herbs

The weather is perfect for some of the leafy winter herbs and vegetables. Lettuce planted now does extremely well in full sun to semi-shade. Plant a combination of green and red leaf lettuce to add a lush texture to the garden or even in a container near the house, let them dry between watering and you will harvest in about six to eight weeks. Spinach planted now will give you loads of leaves through spring to add to the plate. Of course you don’t have to wait till the crop is mature to harvest; leafy veggies can be picked as they grow!


Birds in the garden

-This past weekend reminded all of us that the winter is truly here. Not only does the winter cold catch us by surprise every year it catches the birds too. This past autumn has been particularly mild and the sudden cold will find them keeping close to buildings and in smaller gardens where the temperatures are not quite as extreme.


Thoroughly modern Aloes

Many Aloes are indigenous to South Africa and are featured in many modern landscapes especially over the past few years as Water Wise gardening has been popularised. Aloes also have very architectural lines and as such suit the contemporary designs of homes currently being built.


Indoor greening

Houseplants are an inexpensive way of decorating the home and are becoming more and more popular again as a new generation of homeowners learn the value of going green. As a versatile decorating tool, plants offer endless scope with great effect but it is the air purifying qualities and the fact that they bring oxygen into the home that adds a new dimension to them. They soften the indoor environment and help to add colour and life to the interior, bringing the garden indoors. Gone are the days of having the same plant for year and years.


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