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Grow your own this season

Growing your own veggies is healthierThe summer veggie season has started in earnest and it’s time to get them going for the summer harvesting. As any gardener knows, growing vegetables is more than about saving money. Growing your own vegetables is healthier for the family because the produce is fresh you can control which chemicals if any are used. It is better for the environment by reducing the cost of food transport, there are educational benefits for the children, and besides that the vegetables will taste so much better!


Your fertiliser quick guide for this season!

Organic fertilisers bind with the soilPlants grow right through the year and even though some may seem to be standing still their roots are always growing. It is important to feed all plants, even indigenous ones need to be fed to perform at their best. NB: Always use fertilisers sparingly and according to directions to avoid fertiliser burn, whether you are using a slow release, quick release or organic fertiliser. There are a few things to consider before buying your fertiliser and with so many on the market we decided to make it easier with this quick guide for summer. Organic fertilisers are by nature slow release.


Time to prune

Once the garden is pruned and had a tidy spring starts to come into your garden. July is pruning time in the garden and rather than a dreaded chore, with the right tools and correct information, pruning can be easy. Think of it as a late winter cut-back that rejuvenates plants and prepares them for a summer of healthy growth, glorious blooms or fabulous fruit. Pruning brings light and sunshine into the garden warming the soil and stimulating growth from the roots in the ground up. So besides the usual suspects like Roses give the whole garden a nip tuck and shaping to get the yard warmer and tease the spring.


Gorgeous Orchids

Winter is the natural flowering time of many of them even though we see them available all year these days. To grow the best Orchids follow these simple step, it’s easier than you think!


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