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Water Wise Veggies


Contrasting colours

Mature Flax flowersColour does not only have to come from flowers and what better way to add colour than with Flaxes which will last in the garden for many years. Flaxes also known by their botanical name of Phormium, have been around in local gardens for many years but have had a surge in popularity of late as they are extremely water wise and tough.

For use in the garden or even cut for foliage in the vase, yellow, plum and salmon are only some of the colours to try.

Love Birds

We have a wide selection of suet feedersA feeding station for the garden birds is the best way to keep birds returning. Different birds are attracted to different things so a variety in your offering will make all the difference to what birds you attract. No serious bird feeding station is without Suet, Bird Seed and some Fruit but have you tried some Bird Pudding? It has a nutty base and will help to attract an even wider range of birds.Bedding plants need a lot less attention in winter provided they get planted into soil that is well prepared.


Summer colour time

Petunia Night Sky, NEW for 2016Come rain or shine nothing gets the garden looking better than a spot of colour. If you have a pot full of colour on the patio or at the front door it catches the eye and creates a happy spot which is easier to manage with a watering can and still look great. Not all bedding plants need a lot of water and here's our list of tough summer favourites.

Nothing quite compares to colour in the garden. Colour outside sets the mood similarly to how it would indoors and with clothing trends but with the big difference being that colour in the garden is alive! Flowers and foliage colour can add energy to a space and can also be used to calm an area down or to even make one feel cool and relaxed.

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