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The symbol of Christmas

It just would not be Christmas without Poinsettias! With striking pointed red leaves surrounding a cluster of yellow flowers, poinsettias have become more and more popular in South Africa for Christmas. The name for poinsettia in the ancient Aztec culture meant "star flower" and it is this link to the star over Bethlehem that brings them into the Christmas tradition.

Poinsettias are easy to maintain and will last for a few months indoors making them a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations and are a great gift idea.


Grow some Berries

Goji berries must be harvested when ripeBlueberries are among the easiest fruits to grow organically and they produce abundant fruit. Growing berries is ideal for the water wise gardener and to grow the best berries is actually much easier than one thinks. They are perfect to teach children about food gardening and even if you don't grow them for the fruit basket, they also attract birds to the garden. Berries can be tough shrubs or rambling ideal for a fence or trellis so there is a space for them in any size garden.

Whether you like the new fashion Goji Berries or tough old favourites here's our advice to inspire you to add some to your garden.


Water Wise Gardening

Surviving weeks without water, AgapanthusWith water restrictions a reality one has to think about your garden a bit differently than normally but that does not mean you can’t garden and create your haven in which to escape the heat at the end of the day. Become a Water Wise gardener with Eckards.

Have you noticed how some plants in your garden seem to be flourishing even with less water and no rain? Those are the champions of the drought garden. When it comes to water wise plants we have a few favourites such as Agapanthus, they will easily go without water for a few weeks and the bounce back after a good soaking. Bougainvilleas are looking better than ever, Day Lilies are better this year and even some roses are even better than they were in spring.


Gardening with blue

Cascading Blue ConvolvulusOctober is one of those times of the year where we start to enjoy the work we put in over the past spring as the garden starts to burst into summer. After the heady yellow and orange flowers from the early spring garden it’s time for the blue flowers to take over. Blue is often associated with serenity, calm and spirituality. Especially in the later part of the afternoon, blue flowers seem to do just that, which makes the garden a haven to retreat to after a busy day.

Being out and about in the garden centre we’ve seen loads of blue flowers to inspire so here are some of the beauties we think you should consider.


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