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Crunch and Munch

Get the tomatoes in for summer!Get your summer herb and veggies going now ready to harvest this summer. Growing your own herbs and vegetables is healthier for the family because the produce is fresh, you can control which chemicals if any are used and they will taste so much better! The general rule for growing food is if you are going to eat the leaves they will take a bit more shade, if you are going to eat the fruits or flowers give them more sun.

The best tip on growing your own veggies is to grow the produce your family will eat. Don't grow pumpkins if only dad will eat it, it is easier to maintain interest if the whole family can share in the spoils. It is so simple and easy to grow the best flavours, here's how.


Wake up the garden!

BounceBack has been rebranded BioGanic in SAWhich fertiliser should you be using on the lawns or the beds? If you are a new gardener or an experienced hand there is always something to learn or find useful with the Eckards fertiliser quick guide. If you are still using the same fertilisers you were using ten years ago this is a must read. Technology and information changes the way we garden and armed with this new information you will be well on your way to improved performance of your whole garden.

Plants grow right through the year and even though some may seem to be standing still their roots are always growing. It is important to feed all plants, even indigenous ones need to be fed to perform at their best. Plants need various nutrients to give their best, some more nitrogen for leaves and others more potassium for better flowering or fruiting.


New and exciting plants for 2015

Agapanthus Zambezi - star of this seasons new releasesSame-same but different, is not how we see some of the best new plants being released for summer 2015. Just as fashion changes in what one wears or how you decorate your home so too should the garden. New plants not only bring new colours but also varieties that grow better and also varieties suited to modern living.


Bonsai at Eckards

Come see our Bonsai section at EckardsBonsai actually means "in a container" Popular once again with the young home owners starting out and as gifts for special occasions. To grow the best Bonsai is much easier than you think and very rewarding. The art of Bonsai originated in China over two thousand years ago and only moved across to Japan around 900 years or so where it was introduced by the Buddhist monks who wanted something from outdoors inside.

The idea is to grow a tree to represent the mature form of the plant in nature, planted in a small tray or bowl. There are many articles online and books available on how to grow bonsai but if you have just received your first bonsai we thought we would look at a simple how to guide with our easy tips to ensure easy success.


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