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Colouring it up

Who can resist Pansies?Start thinking about colour for your winter and spring garden. The rains will have boosted some of the autumn seedlings but many of the summer ones will have started the trip to their end.

Our all time favourites are starting to surface. Of course it’s Pansies for sun and Primulas for shade and who can resist fragrant sweet peas for the vase?


Fairies and Pixy dust

Small scale gardening - Miniature Gardens At some point or another when we were younger we all loved seeing and playing with a miniature version of the world we live in. Girls played with doll houses and boys played with train sets and dinky cars. Today the world has changed but the joy of expression on a small scale is seen in villages built out of Lego and fairies joining dinosaurs in the playground. The latest trend in gardening is for young and old and is a great weekend project to get young minds away from screens putting fingers in the earth. Miniature gardening is taking the world by storm one tiny step at a time.

It doesn't matter if you're not an expert gardener miniatures always turn out to be cute. Of course girls like to make them fairy gardens but that is not all, there is so much more to do. Finding ones creative spirit is what it’s all about. It’s in building a land of your imagination or dreams and in tending it that the therapy for young and old is found.


Water Wise Veggies

Autumn leaf crops can go in now!With the cost of fresh veggies being affected with water shortages around the country many have turned to their own garden to help. There is still time to plant an autumn harvest and it is the start of sowing time for some of the winter crops in between. Being water wise is important too so here are out top tips to follow to get some fresh greens to the table.

Before we get into that have you seen the new colours of Garlic we have here at Eckards? Pink, Purple and giant garlic can all be planted now and be ready to harvest at the end of winter. We have also received some new stock of Banana’s!! Besides growing your own they also add a touch of the tropics to your garden. All they need is a sunny spot protected from the winter cold by a wall.


Getting the garden back on track

Feed the garden to boost the greenThe beginning of the year is always a time for cleaning up and bringing in changes, from the office to the home and finally the garden. In getting the routine back after the holidays one doesn’t always have a lot of time to get stuck in but if you have a few minutes here some quick tasks that make all the difference to your garden.


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