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Get Colour Crazy

Pansy planting time

It's time to colour in for the new season. By planting now, the Pansies, Primulas and more will have an advantage over later planted ones because the warmer weather now will help them to grow bigger. Pansies are our most popular but don't forget things like Dianthus or Calendulas. This year, how about planting a different colour to what you always plant? By mixing it up inspiration and creativity will return. A change is as good as a holiday they say...

Did you know that one Pansy plant will have well over 600 flowers? No wonder we love them so much. Some new hybrids get over 800 flowers per plant over its lifetime.


Herbs for Cocktails

A Cilantro Margarita anyone?If you're entertaining over the holidays or just having sundowners on the patio why not add some fresh herbs to your cocktail? It's all the rage right now and with some practice over the next few months, you'll be muddling and shaking like a pro come summer. Some of the herbs like mint in your Mojito are obvious but have thought of using something different?

Spice up your drinks trolley inspired by your herb garden. We could tell you how to grow them here but that's something we've written about before. This time we're going outside the planter box and trying out some herb based cocktail recipes. Muddle your herbs – crush them to release the flavour alternatively use a herb based syrup which will add sweetness as well as flavour to your mix. There's a simple syrup recipe at the end of the article :-)


Gardening with minutes to spare

Plant up some water wise colourThe beginning of the year is always a time for cleaning up and bringing in changes. In getting the routine back after the holidays one doesnt always have a lot of time to get stuck in but if you have a few minutes here are some quick tasks that make all the difference to your garden.


Summer Gardening

Agapanthus love summerAs we heading towards midsummer in December its a wonderfully full garden time of the year. The gardens look their best this time of the year without much effort especially after all the rain weve had. Every summer there are old favourites and new ones to add to the list especially if you are often out and about looking at gardens. This is what we think every summer gardener should find a spot for.


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