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Cool Season Colour

Grow some Bokbaaivygie from seed in full sunNow is the best time to plant your winter colour as temperatures start to drop the growth will slow down. If you plant now, your young seedlings establish faster and you get even more colour through the winter. Pansies are always a favourite in full sun for winter and Primulas in shade give waves of colour where the impatiens and begonias are coming out. Autumn is also nature's time for sowing seeds so we can add to the colour by experimenting with all the indigenous seeds as well as my favourite, fragrant Virginian stocks and water wise Bokbaaivygie.


Make your own compost!

We love this pic celebrating the autumn fall!The making of compost from your garden supply of leaves and cuttings is easy and one of the best ways to practice recycling in your garden. Compost is the only way to improve the condition of existing garden soil, it helps to bind loose soil and improves drainage in clay soils. One can never over do compost in the garden, compost is the foundation of any garden and the more you add the better your garden will grow.


Successful container gardening

As containers age they get more characterContainer gardens offer the advantage of changing your garden with every season. The choice of plant material is limited only by your imagination. When choosing plants for container gardens, keep in mind the scale of the container and how big the plant grows. Autumn is the best time to have fun with containers. Planting up a specimen container or arranging groupings of three or more pots can make a big difference to an entrance of entertainment patio.

The best tip for successful container gardening is to make sure you plant up the container correctly. Here's our advice.


Grow your own food

Try growing your own BlueberriesAutumn is also the time of the year to sow and replant the veggies for the cooler months ahead. As temperatures drop the root crops tend to be more prominent but there is more to food gardening than just Turnips and Radishes ...

The food garden also includes herbs, fruit trees, Lemon trees and of course all the berries. Once you start growing edible plants in your garden the journey doesn't stop. In a protected courtyard how about growing your own Bananas? Our climate is ideal for many of the Olive trees as well as Grapes and Granadillas.


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