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Grow Fragrant Sweet Peas

Grow Sweet peas in the veggie garden to attract pollinators to increase your harvestGrowing sweet peas is easier than you think. You could just poke a seed in the ground and wait and you would actually get pretty good results too. But this is certainly not the way to get the best results. A well prepared soil with compost, organic pellets and a dusting of agricultural lime give them the best start. They have a long season of bloom and make excellent cut flowers. Sweet peas lend a romantic cottage feel to gardens. They are often grown on bamboo tripods, but they will gladly grow through shrubby plants.


Boring Winter ... No Ways!

Create a splash of colour with bedding plantsIt's not "all the trees are brown and skies are grey" in SA in winter. It can easily be the most colourful time of the year in your garden.  Over the next few weeks it's time to sow and plant some of our all time favourite bedding plants Bedding plants are most rewarding this time of the year as there is just so much to choose from.

These include calendula, cineraria, dianthus, delphiniums, Iceland poppies, nemesia, pansies, snapdragon and stocks. The range is extended even more with the selection of seeds that make adding colour to your winter garden just so easy.


Time to sow, time to grow your own

Leafy crops do will this time of the year!The veggie garden also changes through late autumn and early winter as the cool season plants go in and the last of the summers stragglers finish off. Keep the harvests coming into the kitchen by adding some hardy and family favourites now to be ready to harvest by mid to end June through to spring. Generally the winter months are good for all root crops. Carrots, beetroot, onions etc do well in full sun and by growing them through winter they will grow slower giving you more flavour and also lasting well into summer.

Leafy crops such as Cabbage, spinach and parsley also grow in winter. The trick is less water on the leaves and with little rain expected over the next few months they grow more compact. Winter lettuce can be grown as perpetual lettuce where the leaves are harvested instead of cutting off the whole plant.

If you have the space winter is also time to grow peas as well as broad beans. Your harvest on them will go on till the end of October making them one of the best for value for money. Grow them where they will get at least six hours sun a day and plant them from seed in well prepared soil.


Green Glorious Green

Bold green Chinese LaurelThe one thing that we can say about 2015 is that it certainly has had a green start! The street trees are full and thick and the shrubs in our local area looking like they have put on more growth than ever, all thanks to the abundant rain we have had. In the meanings of colours green is not just the colour of growth, it is the colour of renewal and rebirth. Bright green restores depleted energy, balance and harmony. That's nature taking care of us this New Year for sure!

Plant some new shrubs to update the garden and take advantage of all that green energy that they bring. We looked for some of our favourite green foliage shrubs that look good all year and with some of them flowering as a bonus, it's time to take the plunge. Pull out that old shrub that does nothing and add some new fresh green.


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