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Install a water feature

Water encompasses all the sensesIf you don’t already have a water feature this is the year to consider installing one. Water brings movement and peace and there is nothing more relaxing and calming than listening to soft running water after a stressful day. With some of the easy to use products we listed below there is no need to have green water in your pond or fountain to put you off having one.

Because moving water encompasses all senses, your water feature should be the focal point of your garden or patio. Fountains have many benefits other than adding beauty to your home or gardens. Water in the garden aids in stress relief and relaxation, acts as a natural humidifier, improves air quality with negative ions, and produces soothing water sounds that can drown out annoying sounds or street noise to soothe and relax you.


#WaterWise Bee friendly gardening

Choose #WaterWise Bee friendly plantsEnsuring the health and survival of honeybees across South Africa was the key to the inaugural launch of National Honeybee Foraging Week 22-29 September 2014.

Supported by the South African Bee Industry Organisation as well as by all the Garden Industry Associations and the honeybee scientists and concerned communities across the country, the new celebration aims to showcase how every South African can play their part in ensuring the continued survival of a healthy honeybee population.


It's all about colouring in

Pink Dragon Wing BegoniasNothing quite compares to colour in the garden. Colour outside sets the mood similarly to how it would indoors and with clothing trends but with the big difference being that colour in the garden is alive! Flowers and foliage colour can add energy to a space and can also be used to calm an area down or to even make one feel cool and relaxed.

This is achieved by planting yellow, orange and red flowering bedding plants to energise a space and ignite passion and look to the colours of blue, pink and purple to bring an air of calm and romance to the garden. White is a contrasting colour in the garden and will either serve to highlight the other colours and amplify their energy or when used on its own it lifts the greens and adds light to darker spaces.


Creating a living pathway

Variegated oregano will soften edgesStand-on plants are the alternative to solid pathways and paved areas. Gardens need water to move into the soil and with solid paved areas the amount of water getting down to your trees and shrubs is restricted. Although not new plants, the concept of Stand-on plants are a selection of plants highlighted as being perfect to walk over and are ideal to grow between pavers and along walkways.

Low growing and fast spreading is the key to these plants, depending on the variety the more often you stand on them the more compact they grow. Besides getting creative with a living pathway consider creating a living patio under a tree where you can place seating and enjoy the natural shade while the water from rain or irrigation can move through the patio to the tree and shrub roots below. Shade from overhanging trees is called dry shade due to the trees competing for water.


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