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Bonsai at Eckards

Come see our Bonsai section at EckardsBonsai actually means "in a container" Popular once again with the young home owners starting out and as gifts for special occasions. To grow the best Bonsai is much easier than you think and very rewarding. The art of Bonsai originated in China over two thousand years ago and only moved across to Japan around 900 years or so where it was introduced by the Buddhist monks who wanted something from outdoors inside.

The idea is to grow a tree to represent the mature form of the plant in nature, planted in a small tray or bowl. There are many articles online and books available on how to grow bonsai but if you have just received your first bonsai we thought we would look at a simple how to guide with our easy tips to ensure easy success.


Time to Prune!

Prepare now for this summer's best rosesJuly is pruning time and not just the roses. It’s also time to cut back hydrangeas and fruit trees. Rather than a dreaded chore, with the right tools and correct information, pruning can be easy. Think of it as a late winter cut-back that rejuvenates plants and prepares them for a summer of healthy growth, glorious blooms or fabulous fruit. Pruning brings light and sunshine into the garden warming the soil and stimulating growth from the roots in the ground up.


Attract more birds

Duranta have berries that turn bright yellowBirds are attracted to gardens where there is some shelter and a regular supply of food. By planting bird attracting plants you can encourage them not only to feed from your feeding station but to also nest in your garden.

The best feeding programme for birds is to plant shrubs and trees which offer nature's menu. Favorites like the Aloes will attract nectar feeding birds while seed eating birds are attracted to the seed heads of grasses.  To attract fruit eating birds, plant berry producing plants. Here are some of our recommendations from Eckards.


Birds of a feather

The Cape Robin Chat loves to feed on a suet ballThere are many things you can do to attract birds to your garden and although one never owns a garden bird they do become familiar with your garden.

A feeding station for the garden birds is the easiest way to keep birds returning and if you get into a routine with your feeding the birds will soon follow it and be ready and waiting for you.

Food, water and bugs for desert is on the menu for most of our garden birds locally and over the next few months your garden could be a haven for them.


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