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Eckards Garden Pavilion

Water Wise Day Lilies

The Eckards pavement garden  of DayliliesThe flowering cycle of a Day Lily is basically a day, hence their common name. Day lilies or Hemerocallis as they are also known have become very popular over the past few years because they are so easy to grow and make a spectacular show.

Hemerocallis the botanical name for Daylilies is derived from two Greek words meaning day and beauty. There are many varieties in a wide range of flower colours which have made them quite collectable and every year more varieties are added to the range.

It's all done in a Day

Daylily flower from November to JanuaryEven though a single bloom only lasts a day the flowers continue opening during the heat of the summer and each daylily plant produces an abundance of flower buds that open over a long period of time. Ideal perennials with many landscape uses such as specimen plants in the garden or massed to stabilize a slope or to act as a carefree ground cover they are a must for any garden.

One only has to look at the Eckards pavement to see how well they look planted in a large grouping. Peak daylily bloom time is from November to mid January.

Collect your favourite coloursA mixed bed makes a very pretty show if you have limited space but the best impact comes from planting one colour in a grouping along a driveway or where you look down on the bed from an upstairs window or balcony. In short don't plant one if you have a spot plant three or more for the best effect.

Our tips to grow the best

As perennials, Day Lilies multiply every year with mature plants giving numerous spikes of flowers. As the clumps mature one can lift and divide them to increase your planting or to share with garden friends. By following these easy tips you too can start a love affair with them as we have.

Daylilies grow in sun to half-sun Deadhead flowers to keep them coming
  • They will grow in full sun to a slightly semi shade position. If they get to much shade you will find that they do not flower as well and the leaf growth is long and weak tending to lie flat on the ground.
  • Water your daylilies less frequently.
    Extremely water wise they are 1Drop plants. Watering them only once a week when in flower and every second week when not. If they get to much water Daylilies tend to get more leaves and fewer flowers.
  • Daylilies are not hungry plants.
    Feed them once a summer to get them going and naturally when planting to help them establish. Bio Ocean organic flower food is a simple easy way to feed. Being organic it is slow release and feeds them over a longer period which is better.
  • Keep deadheading the old flowers. This encourages new growth and more flowers.
  • They are a semi-deciduous perennial and as such will go down a bit in winter, which is the perfect time for dividing them. They last for many years and each summer the show of flowers gets more and more.
Daylilies are available in many colours Divide them in late winter