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Happy Daisy

Daisy bushes are a long time favourite in RSADaisy flowers are an all-time spring favourite in South Africa and are perfect for easy colour on the patio and around the garden in sunny spots. In folklore daisies symbolize a new beginning and a new spring always brings a promise of renewal. Many of the daisy flowers we grow are indigenous and water wise, hereís three of our most popular at Eckards.

Marguerite Daisy Bushes

The botanical name for the good old fashioned Daisy Bush or Marguerite Daisy is Argyranthemum. Many remember the big old yellow ones but today there are so many new varieties available. Most have been bred to be smaller growing and are well suited to a small garden or even in containers on the patio or balcony. Daisy bushes grow in full sun or light shade and need a moist well-drained soil rich in compost.

Regularly dead head and remove the old flowers to get new flowers coming through. At any time of the year one can clip the whole plant back to encourage a rejuvenated flush of new leaves and a fresh show of colour.

Cape Daisies

Osteospermum are certainly one of the best sellers in SA and with good reason. The indigenous Cape Daisies, Osteospermum, herald the new season with masses of flowers in a range of colours from white, yellows through shades of pink to deep purple.

Perfect to fill a container with on the patio or for a patch of colour along a border, plant them close together for an instant show. They do best in full sun in a well-drained soil with not too much feeding and keep them slightly on the dry side for the best results. Depending on the heat they can last a few months giving unrivalled colour.

Cape Daisies for instant colour White pink or purple we canít decide


Gazania species are grown for their brilliant colours in the late spring and are often in bloom throughout the summer well into autumn. The ultimate water wise and environmental warrior plant, Gazanias will also attract butterflies and bees to the garden and thrive on a little neglect. Gazania plant care does not involve much of anything, other than watering.

Gazanias are not hungry plants. Once a summer a feeding with BioGanic organic fertiliser is all they need. If one overfeeds one will find that they get more and more leaves and less flowers. In containers feed them with Multifeed Flowergro once a month to maintain flowering as in a container nutrients are washed out with regular watering.

Grey leaves make a contrast against rust flowers #WaterWise and #Bee friendly