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Grow some red balls

If you grow nothing else try TomatosWe've all heard that gardening is better than therapy and you get tomatoes... to throw at the people who annoy you :-) Did you know that Tomatoes are related to Eggplants and chillies? Tomatoes are in fact a fruit, but they are usually classed as a vegetable because of the way they are used in cooking. The perfect summer crop to grow your own and to add to your food basket, they are the easiest of all veggies to grow for first timers and experienced hands.

Tomatoes originated in South America and were fist popularised in Spain by returning conquistadors. Today there are many different varieties and shapes adding to their popularity and versatility on the menu.

Tomatoes do best in an area that gets full sun or at least 8 hours of sun, otherwise they will get spindly and produce little mature fruit. They also produce well if you ensure a good soil at planting buy adding liberal compost and organic fertiliser BioGanic. Once established feed with BioFlower and fruit which will keep them flowering and a strong harvest with good flavour will follow.

Crop rotation is one of the best ways to ensure better quality fruit so we would recommend planting them in a different spot every year alternating with non-related veggies such as beans or lettuce.


Quick Tips for a successful tomato crop

  • Choose a level area that gets sun most of the day or at least afternoon sun.
  • There should be preferably little competition from roots of large trees.
  • Soil must have good drainage and be well composted.
  • Position a wigwam, trellis or obelisk for the tomatoes to ramble up on.
  • Plant with BioGanic and then feed with Bioganic Flower and Fruit throughout the summer.

Buds at the ready! Here comes Tomatoes!

Try some of our Favourites from seed:

Floradade: The Floradade tomato is a disease-resistant variety developed by in the 1970's and is one of the most popular with a medium sized fruit that is quite fleshy.

Yellow Pear: The cherry tomato Yellow Pear has become a great addition to the veggie garden adding different colour to salads with the ripe fruit a vibrant yellow colour. They are very prolific bearers and you will have an almost endless supply through summer from just a few plants.

Mariana: This relatively new variety was added to the range a few couple of years ago and has fast become popular as a jam tomato. The fruit can get quite large and a fun one to grow for kids who want to try and grow the biggest one!