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Gardening with minutes to spare

Plant up some water wise colourThe beginning of the year is always a time for cleaning up and bringing in changes. In getting the routine back after the holidays one doesnít always have a lot of time to get stuck in but if you have a few minutes here are some quick tasks that make all the difference to your garden.

Plant up some water wise colour

Bedding plants add colour to the garden. The hot January will have finished off some and boosted others. Water wise Zinnias, Salvias and Petunias as well as Marigolds and Portulaca will give a great show and extend your gardens colour through to late autumn. Take a few minutes to fill in a empty patches or plant up a hanging basket or container for the patio.

Get going with Fertiliser

Bounce back your summer garden with BioGanicFertilising over the next few weeks is important to keep the garden green, in flower and able to bounce back after the summer heat. The rain and watering would have leached out most of the nutrients and the greens will soon start to lose their luster and you definitely want to keep the colour and promote more flowers as we head toward the end of summer.

BioGanic is our best selling organic fertiliser.† Itís also the most water wise way to fertilise. Feed at a rate of one handful per square meter or per shrub. This fertiliser will boost growth on application and feed over a longer period as a slow release fertiliser.

BioGanic Lawn is an organic fertiliser to boost leaf growth, specifically formulated as a crumble rather than a pellet perfect for getting the lawns healthy and bright green again. As an organic fertiliser it wonít burn the lawn if it does not get watered in well and rain is sufficient. One of the most economical fertilisers with 10kg feeding around 200m2

Multifeed is our best selling container and bedding plant fertiliser. Water soluble, it gets to the roots quickly and also foliar feeds the plants. We use this in all our containers here at Eckards to keep the nursery as colourful as possible. Feed your containers with Multifeed every alternate week and for bedding plants in the garden one can feed them every week to alternate week depending on how much water your garden beds get.

A good garden may have some weeds

Hormoban get the weeds in the lawnLate summer sees a spike in the weeds in the garden. By the end of February the effectiveness of herbicides (weed killers) will go down considerably as they work best when weeds are growing fast. With that in mind now is the time for a quick spray to bring them under control.
The weeds in the paving which just seem to come from nowhere must go to help tidy the garden. If you have a weed problem on the lawn this is the time of year that they seed so get a head start on next summer by spraying now.

On lawns Hormoban is the only effective option especially for the hardy clover weed that just seems to dominate in our local area. The effectiveness is best if there is at least 5 hours of sun and no rain or watering after application. Depending on what weed you are spraying a second or third application may be required especially if you are trying to rid the lawn of clover.

For paving the most organic way of ridding weeds in paving is by hand or with a kettle of boiling water scorching the leaves. Sometimes one needs a different option but it is personal choice and we sell non-selective weed killers that will kill everything growing in the paving.

Blitz the bugs

Ants and snails are full through late summer and a quick blitz will get your home sorted.

Snails can have a devastating effect on your Veggies and ground covers if left unchecked. A few is a good thing in the garden as they help keep the layer of plants on the soil thinner to allow light and moisture to the earth but when they are left unchecked they can multiply in a few seasons to give you a headache when planting new seedlings.

Snails! Catch them before they hibernate!If you donít fancy the idea of standing on some snails apply some Snailbait early evening to catch them at their most active time of day or ask our team to show you how the organic Snail Jail works.

Ants seem to come from nowhere this time of the year. We need ants in the garden as they clean up all the dead insects etc but as with everything a few is better than an unchecked invasion. More often they will nest against the house, finding their way indoors or under paving. Easy to use Nip-it, an ant bait will control the nest at the source and soon youíll be able to leave a teaspoon in the kitchen sink again :-)