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Fun with Kokodama

Kokodama styled hanging basketsKokedama's are the latest trend in creative indoor and patio gardening. Also called Japanese moss balls they originate in Japan and typically are used for a short period as decor before being replanted or changed out for a fresh look. For the less craft orientated gardener we have the new Kokodama styled hanging baskets for a modern day shortcut.

Kokedama shortcut in a Kokodama basketKokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai typically made by taking your plant out of its container and planting it into a ball of soil held together with moss and string. They are also often called string plants and can be hung or placed in a saucer as a standing specimen.

The modern take on these fun plants are a combination of a coir ball and macramé hanger which brings a retro trend back into style. One can either plant into a Kokodama or simply use it as an overpot and refresh the plants as they go off adding instant colour or something more permanent depending on whether you are hanging it indoors or on the patio.

Once the plant is in the basket, dress the edges with some loose coir or moss to complete the picture.

Crafty? Make your own Kokedama

Kokedama inspiration with succulentsKokedama is a Japanese word simply translated to mean “moss ball”. It is the art of binding plants into green, mossy orbs. Making kokedama involves stripping soil from the plant's roots and replanted using clay rich soil sculpted into a ball, which is later bound with moss.

Step by step guide

We found this easy guide online and it’s so easy to do as a kid’s holiday project or as a gift to treat a friend with.

STEP 1: Mix half bonsai soil and half peat and stir in enough water until damp
STEP 2: Form a ball around plant roots with the soil mixture
STEP 3: Wrap with sheet moss
STEP 4: Wrap and tie with string
STEP 5: Attach another loop of string to hang
STEP 6: Soak in a bowl of water till saturated

Keep your moss ball moist by regularly drenching depending on the type of plant as well as whether its indoors or outside. Ideally your moss should always be a bit green not dead. If you overwater the moss will go brown and the kokodama will not be very pretty.

We added some succulents to a Kokodama True kokedama inspiration