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Create a herb pyramid

A easy DIY project for a morning in the gardenWe had fun planting up a herb pyramid pot as a DIY project here at Eckards. Herbs are particularly well suited to being container grown and this cool pyramid idea will add increase the number of herbs you can grow without taking up much space on a patio or balcony.

If you have the space why not plant up different ones? One for salads, one for cooking and one for fun! This project can easily be done in a morning and is so easy it can be a garden project for kids too.

Plan to create

Use Herb Mix as a ready to grow soilAs with any great DIY project one needs a shopping list of what you’ll need.

  1. 3 pots that will fit into each other creating your pyramid. Clay pots are best as they allow the water to move through them but any pots will work as long as there is sufficient drainage holes.
  2. Herb Mix and river sand. We recommend a ready to go herb mix to plant with as it is finer than regular potting soil and makes planting easier. Do not use garden soil as this will go hard and will not drain at all. The river sand will help overall drainage between the layers.
  3. Your selection of herbs. We like to mix them up but try to keep the ones with the same water and light requirements together to ensure success.
  4. Plant food. Nitrosol is an organic plant food that will greatly enhance the flavours as well as keep them growing strong.

How to build your pyramid

Leave a wide enough gap to plant intoTo make the pyramid start off with your widest container. A layer of river sand across the bottom will aid drainage and make sure that the water running out the bottom is clean water not muddy water. Fill the container halfway with herb mix and press it down firmly.

Next add your second pot. When placed it should leave a wide enough gap around the edge for planting. Fill in around the pot. Into the second pot again a layer of river sand and then herb mix. Repeat the process as before and then add the smallest pot.

Once you have your pyramid of pots plant it up with your selection of herbs. Once planted give it a thorough watering till the water runs out the bottom of the container.

Place the pyramid in a sunny spot depending on the herb selection and remember to turn the pyramid every now and then to give all the plants enough sunlight. If you are using larger containers plant it in the place where you want to grow it as it can be quite heavy to move once planted.

Feed with Nitrosol as an organic plant food

Grow sum yum

Nothing tastes better than bright green healthy leaves and the only way to ensure that is to feed with a fertiliser that is higher in nitrogen. We recommend feeding your herb pyramid at least once a week to every alternate week with Nitrosol.

Our planter was made up of our favourites. Rosemary on top with the layers planted up with Chives, Oregano and Parsley and is perfect for a full sun spot.
How about growing a Strawberry pyramid... or a lettuce pyramid... or a Thyme selection pyramid... the ideas are endless.

Photo credits: Ferdie Du Toit