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New season and new favourites!

New and Exclusive to Garden Pavilion - Lemon GenoaEvery year there are new plants that come onto the market and soon become a firm favorite of gardeners all over. This year is no exception! We love that the garden is a place of change and when things get a bit boring around the home, updating the garden is a relatively economical way of creating new interest.

Here are three of the newest plants to inspire The Gardener in you.

Stairway to heaven

Delicate blue flowers on PolemoniumAn exciting new addition to the selection of border plants is Polemonium or "Stairway to Heaven". Also known as "Jacobs Ladder" because of the symmetrical leaves arranged like the rungs of a ladder. They are a clump forming perennial with a mound of soft fern like leaves edged in a creamy green. During cooler weather the leaves tint pink and bright new leaves appear right through the summer months.

They grow best in well drained soil and need some shade to protect the leaves from sun scorch in midsummer. Clusters of blue fragrant flowers towards the end of spring into summer makes them a great addition to any garden border, the flowers are special as they also attract birds and bees to the garden.

Pure Blond Lilly Turf

Yellow blond growth on Liriope Pure BlondDo blonds have more fun? Well the new Lilly Turf "Pure Blond" certainly will add a sparkle to the shade to half shade garden. Lilly turf or as they are also know Liriope, grow well in almost any soil condition and make an excellent ground cover and filler in-between shrubs and along the border as a informal hedge.
What attracts us to this new introduction is that the new foliage is blond - or as they say in the classics a "Platinum Blond" and then as the leaves mature they get a green colouring which leaves the plant with a mix of blond and green coloured foliage.
Once a year they do well if they get cut right down to freshen up the plant. Do this in late winter or spring when growth is the most active on grasses.

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written by Helen Swart, 16 September, 2014
I thoroughly enjoy your articles and website. Thank you for keeping me informed on the latest varieties on the market - cant wait to start my summer garden.
See you soon.

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