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Inspiration is all around

Summer in Gauteng is over and we are starting to see the early signs of autumn all around. Autumn is a great time of the year to get into the garden, the days are still hot but the cooler mornings and evenings slow the growth of plants down particularly visible in the lawns, this gives the gardener chance to relax and enjoy the colours and textures before the leaves begin to fall.



Many plants look at their best during this time of the year as there is less heat stress on the foliage and colours begin to intensify. The key this time of the year is to feed with an organic fertiliser such as Bounce Back to replace nutrients lost with the recent rains. This not only strengthens plants so that they will handle the coming months better it also stimulates the cooler season shrubs and perennials to get ready to shine.


New Ipomoea

We don’t need to tell you how much we love the Ipomoea. They are related to the potato family closest to the sweet potato and are a must in any garden. Their cascading habit makes them perfect to be spilling over the edge of a hanging basket or down the side of a tall container and as filler in a mixed planting they add texture and contrast. The popular lime and chocolate shades have a new sister available called Pink Frost which has harlequin colourings of pinks and lilacs on the leaves. Planted in full sun to semi-shade they are one of the most versatile of the new plants in the garden.


Feed your container plants

eckards-10One of the projects for this month is to freshen up the patio containers. After the holidays and back to school routine of the past few weeks a quick look at the containers will show some looking a bit tiered. They too take strain over late January as the heat bakes them and after all the regular watering they need a boost. Feeding container plants at least once to twice a month is essential to maintain that lush and vibrant feel. We always recommend a water soluble fertiliser as this works faster and moves through the whole container making it easier for the plant to absorb.

Multifeed Classic and Flowergro are tried and tested and if you need to see the results… it’s what Eckards use in all our containers in the garden centre feeding every week. As an organic alternative Nitrosol and Seagro are great for leafy plants and food gardens.


Alternating fertilisers is ideal. Similarly to how we use different vitamins for a boost so too will plants benefit from different ratios of nutrients as they use different ones at different times, almost like they get used to the same one all the time and become lazy. Each time you shop for plant food try alternating the product and see the results in the growth!

Find more container inspiration on the Life is a Garden site HERE


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