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Hot summer greens

The hot summer and good rains through January have certainly greened up our world. Every year it catches us by surprise just how plants boost their growth while we get back into routine of work and schools after the holidays. Especially the Divine Impatiens that are looking spectacular and lush at the moment. Fertilising over the next few weeks is important to keep the garden green and in flower.



The rains and regular watering would have leached out most of the nutrients and even though the garden is lush, the greens will start to lose their luster and you definitely want to keep the colour and promote more flowers. Even though summer is coming to an end there is still plenty of hot weather coming our way and things to do in the garden.


Discover Autumn Annuals

Why keep your summers annuals long after their prime flowering is over. As we move towards February many of the summer annuals are looking tired and no amount of feeding can boost them back. The selection of autumn annuals which will look great till the winter annuals come online is increasing every year and we love the idea of changing the garden and colour selection up. One of our best is the new fashion Zinnias. The single flowering dwarf varieties look amazing in full sun and flower continuously without much attention for the next three months. We loved them so much last autumn and got so many comments on them we planted them again at our entrance this year. Try Them!


Goodbye to weeds!

eckards-10Besides the garden plants growing at a rate of knots this time of the year so to do the weeds. By the end of February the effectiveness of herbicides (weed killers) will go down considerably as they work best when weeds are growing fast. With that in mind now is the time to do a good blitz through the garden to bring it under control. The weeds in the paving which just seems to come from nowhere are a must to help tidy the garden and if you have a weed problem on the lawn this is the time of year that they seed so get a head start on next summer by spraying now.

For paving we have two options, No Weed Paving as a ready to use and the concentrate Roundup which is more economical and ideal if you are doing large areas. Diluted 20ml into 1lt of water Roundup will work within 3 to 4 days if it has a sunny 5 hours after application. On lawns Hormoban is the only effective option especially for the hardy clover weed that just seems to dominate in our local area.

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