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Gardening as the leaves start to fall

The lawns have slowed down to an almost stop which gives one more time to get creative or start a new project in the garden as the leaves start to fall. There are many autumn perennials and bedding plants that look great this time of the year giving a colour boost to your garden or patio.

Fantastic Petunias

Plant Petunias in full sunPetunias love sunny days and autumn days are perfect to grow the best. Petunias also look fabulous spilling out of hanging baskets or in containers on paved areas that get reflected heat and where you can let them dry out well between watering. They grow fast, give more flowers per square metre than possibly any other bedding plant and available in almost any colour to suit your style. There's only one thing that can really harm a petunia and that's putting them in an area that doesn't drain well. Feed them with Multifeed flowergro every two weeks and nip out spent flowers to keep them growing compact.



New - New - New

Try the easy to grow Coreopsis new colours

Coreopsis is also known as the Tickberry. For many years we have only seen the yellow pompom flowered ones available in SA but all that has changed with the arrival of the new colour range. Pink, two tone and dwarf yellow are some of the new colours.

Coreopsis are happy in almost any well-drained garden soil in full sun. They are drought-resistant and grow well in hot, difficult places where they won't get watered every day. The drought-tolerant nature of the Coreopsis makes it a great plant for container gardens. Give it a prime spot in the cut flower garden as well. Try the sunny single yellow “Citrine” or the dusky pink of “Garnet”


In the food garden

WOW!! 7000 seeds per packet!Nothing beats a fresh sweet carrot straight out of the garden before it makes it into the house! Packed with vitamins and minerals, carrots are a very healthy food. No wonder they are a staple in modern cooking. Carrots are the easiest vegetable to grow and the most fun for kids to plant and harvest, the perfect way to introduce them to gardening and teach them about roots, leaves and about providing for the family in a fun and easy way. Growing carrots in your own garden will certainly add to the grocery budget. Did you know that one packet of seed has around seven thousand carrots in it? For a continuous supply of fresh carrots sow seeds every three weeks.

Read more on growing the best carrots here


Autumn is Bulb Time

Find a spot for Grape Hyacinths

It’s the start of bulb season! The range of indigenous bulbs available continues to grow and become more popular but let’s not forget some of the old favourites. Muscari known as the grape hyacinth for its upside-down bunch-of-grapes appearance is one of my all-time favourites. Muscari’s foliage is grass like, narrow and fleshy, making it easy to rake through the plants to keep them looking tidy. This spring bloom, which flowers in August and September, should be planted from March to May. Find a spot with light shade or morning-only sun and make sure the soil is rich, well-draining and sandy, with some compost added. When preparing the soil, loosen it to a depth of 20cm before placing the bulbs 3cm below ground level, about 5cm apart. This plant is very rewarding in that it multiplies. Water your Muscari regularly for even more optimal results.


Protect Screening conifers

Merit Protects The Italian Cypress Aphid may attack certain conifer species in the winter months and into spring. The damage, brown tips on random parts of the plant, normally only shows in September and October.
Merit has been replaced by a new product - Complete. Apply a root drench with a systemic insecticide from now through to the end of August. Systemic insecticide, Complete has a longer residual action and is absorbed by the plant killing only sap-sucking insects and not beneficial ones. Repeat treatment fortnightly till the end of April and monthly through winter. Conifers are sun-loving, drought-tolerant and hardy to severe frost. We recommend feeding established conifers with BioGanic in autumn and maintaining a layer of mulch around their base helps to keep them in good condition.

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