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Early winter in the garden

May into June is time for LiliesThe cold weather took its first real winter turn this past week and regular frost is not that far away. The good news is of course that spring is only just over ten weeks away! The winter is good for most of the garden as it clears out a lot of the bugs and the trees drop leaves to act as mulch in the garden beds. The leaf mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and of course to encourage the Earthworms which improve the soil organically.



As the temperatures drop the winter bedding plants shine. Especially the pansies which do best when planted in sun and then get a good frosting through the night. Remember to keep dead heading them as this stimulates more and more flowers. The poppies have also started to push through colour and the Calendulas in bright yellows and orange are looking super. May into June is also time to plant the Ilium Bulbs.

Lilies do well in the garden or in containers and will come back each year. Faces in the sun and feet in the shade is the tip here, so make sure the soil at their feet are covered with ground cover. With our warmer autumn and related soil temperatures the winter bulb planting season has been extended and you can still plant the rest of the bulbs till mid-June.


Cyclamen have flowers like bird wingsThe classic Cyclamen is one of our all-time winter favourites for colour. Great indoors or outside on the patio or in the shade protected from frost they flower for months this time of the year. Their upside down flowers start right at the base and then stretch up like bird wings in shades of pink through purple. Keep them slightly on the dry side and feed every alternate watering with Multifeed Flowergro to promote even more flowers. Indoors they do best in a bright room but not too close to the window catching afternoon sun as they prefer to stay slightly cooler.


Frost Cover

Frost Cover acts as a thermal blanketProtect you frost tender plants with Frost Cover. It acts as a thermal blanket and keeps the air just a dash warmer and also helps limit cold wind damage. For best results try to keep the fabric off the foliage as it does get wet with the dew and frost which can freeze. The best way to do this is by using a few bamboo canes to make a tepee. If you are protecting young fever trees we recommend using some of the frost cover to wrap the trunk as well. If you are not sure if you should cover something to protect it just stop by or call we will give you the best solution.

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