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Cool season gardening

Protect young BougainvilleaWinter is settling in but we love the time of the year as the garden opens up with more light filtering in after the leaves have fallen making the garden brighter and lifting the colours of the winter bedding plants. There is so much to choose from when you garden this time of the year as the range of bedding plants is broader and gardening takes on more of a fun and creative side as you are not bogged down with all the summer weekly chores.

Planting up combos on the patio of bulbs and different annuals or playing with seeds on the borders or planting masses of Pansies or Primulas helps the artist in all of us surface!



Frost is a necessary side of winter as it clears out the last of the summer pests. The downside is if you have soft and tender tropical shrubs that they get damaged, especially on younger less established plants. Young Hibiscus and Bougainvillea are two of the most hit in our area and the lollipop Ficus if exposed can also be burnt if we have a bout of heavy frost. Protect them by covering with Frost-Gard which acts as a thermal blanket and still allows light in for the plant. The best way to use it is to create a tepee with bamboo canes so that there is an air layer around the plant.

Ornamental Kale

Kale is an ornamental cabbageThe fancy-leaved cousins of cabbage make a bold statement in the cool season garden. They are edible but are bitter so one would not grow them to eat but they make great companion plants in mixed plantings and always draw attention. They were developed as a winter colour leaf by hybridizing cabbage and cauliflower and after years of development we get the range of colours we have today. They are extremely cold-tolerant and need full sun to light shade. The more sun and colder the more compact they will grow.

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