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Summers about to end ...

When does summer end?A talking point in my house is always when does summer end and autumn start? I use the equinox and solstices as mid season markers which means that February is officially the start of autumn and if you noticed the sunrise is already a bit later, you will agree with me… or not, some of my family prefer a temperature guide and would rather enjoy the heat than think the summer will end. Either way the garden always has something that needs a refresh especially after all summer rains have made everything grow.


Autumn seedlings

Freshen up the garden with some autumn annuals to replace the tired summer ones such as begonias and dianthus. Feed your seedlings with Multifeed flowergro every ten days or so to get the best results. Marigolds are great fillers. Planted in full sun now they will last well into April and as companion plants they also act as a natural pest repellent and also clean up the soil of some fungal spores. Zinnias are super this time of the year needing little attention and flowering non-stop. Try the succulent roses of Portulaca, tough and hardy quick to flower in full sun and available in a wide range of colours.

Last boost for lawns

Late February is time to give your lawns a last boost in the growing season. Lawns fed now will green up sooner in the new spring and are stronger which keeps down the weeds. Feed well irrigated lawns with Nitroboost for colour and if you need some growth use 713 Lawns and Foliage fertiliser. If you are fighting weeds do so before March as the efficacy of the broadleaf herbicides goes down by half or more as the season changes.

Hormoban is still your best option as a weed killer in lawn, spray on a hot sunny day and make sure the lawn stays dry for five hours after application for best results. Termites and lawn caterpillar are also around at the moment so watch your lawn especially if you don't have irrigation on it as generally drier lawns are more susceptible to them. Use wonder 411 with karbaspray, this feeds the lawn at the same time as getting rid of the lawn caterpillar.

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written by Shareen, 01 October, 2010

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