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Autumn gardening

Petunia Bubble-gum keeps you in the pink!It's a great time to get your garden boosted this time of the year. The trees have already stopped growing till next spring which means the fertiliser and water you apply is used by the rest of the garden as the competition starts to sleep. Apply a generous layer of much to help the garden retain moisture and feed with Organic Pellets.

This will also stimulate the cool season shrubs and perennials to grow nice and strong. Planting shrubs and perennials now gives them time to establish strong roots before the cold really sets in and they will have a head start in the new spring just a few months away.


Autumn colour

Petunias can be planted throughout the year and as an annual they last for three to six months a planting depending on temperature and rain. Petunia Bubble-gum is a vigorous grower and has a mounding/cascading habit. Great for a garden bed as a border or mass display growing about 30cm high and with a spreading habit they cover beautifully.

Disease resistant, self-cleaning and they always look good. Full hot dry sun is required with little water and feed with Multifeed Flowergro. You want to fill an area with wall-to-wall medium pink flowers all autumn? Try them they will keep you "in the pink" until the first frosts towards the end of May. They are also fabulous in hanging baskets, window boxes or patio containers.

Protect your conifers

Merit protectsThe Italian Cypress Aphid may attack certain conifer species in the winter months and into spring. The damage, brown tips on random parts of the plant, normally only shows in September and October. Apply a cover spray or a root drench with a systemic insecticide from now through to the end of August. Systemic insecticide, Merit has a longer residual action and is absorbed by the plant killing only sap-sucking insects and not beneficial ones.

Repeat treatment fortnightly in autumn and monthly in winter. Conifers are sun-loving, drought-tolerant and hardy to severe frost. We recommend feeding established conifers with Wonder Organic Pellets or Bounce back in autumn and maintaining a layer of mulch around their base helps to keep them in good condition.

New product to get rid of ants:

NEW- No AntAs we approach winter ants have already started to nest and forage around the house. Normally we leave them be but when they start to come inside and create chaos in the kitchen it time to make a plan. No-Ant Granulesis a new bait insecticide in the fight against ants in the garden.

Apply the bait near the nests and then the worker ants will take the poison into the nest and thus successfully destroying the entire nest. For ants indoors we recommend Ant-traps as bait which works the same way or you could spray the perimeter with Efekto Ant which is a contact insecticide

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