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Make your own compost!

Gather the leaves, its free mulch!The fall has begun and leaves are falling fast everywhere at the moment. The making of compost from your garden is easier that you think and one of the best ways to practice recycling in your garden. Compost is the only way to improve the condition of existing garden soil. One can never over do compost it is the foundation of any garden and the more you add the better your garden will grow.

This is the year to do it! If you really can’t get the compost going don’t despair. Collect all the falling leaves and place it through your garden beds as a thick layer of mulch. It takes longer to break down into compost but in the meantime it keeps roots warm and helps to retain moisture through the winter.


Get Colour Crazy

Our most popular pansy - Yellow FaceIt's time to colour in for the new seasons ahead. By planting in mid autumn your Pansies, Primulas and more will have an advantage over later planted ones because the warmer weather will help them to grow bigger and then produce more flowers. Pansies are our most popular in South Africa for instant colour but don't forget things like Dianthus or Calendulas for just as pretty a display.

Did you know that one Pansy plant will have well over 600 flowers? No wonder we love them so much. Some new hybrids get over 800 flowers per plant over its lifetime.


Get the food garden going

Plant some fast leaf crops nowThe summer veggies and herbs are fast finishing off at the moment. The cooler evenings are ideal for sowing some new root crops for a winter crop. The warm day will quickly establish leaf crops to be ready to munch in a few weeks. #GrowSumYum it’s time for beetroot, peas, lettuce and carrots to get into the ground.

The veggie garden also changes through autumn as the cool season plants go in and the last of the summer crop gets eaten. Keep the harvests coming into the kitchen by adding some family favourites now to harvest by mid June through to spring. If you don’t have a veggie garden, how about growing some yum in a few containers on the patio or on the balcony this winter?