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Our favourite herbs to grow

Oregano is a staple in most kichens in RSAWe’ve all heard the famous song lyrics: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme which are all time favourite herbs to grow. Fresh herbs add flavour are healthier and are easy to use in the kitchen. Besides that the smell in the garden adds a new dimension as it fills the senses and of course many herbs are pollinator friendly which makes the environmentally friendly too.

When growing herbs there are two key things to consider, grow herbs you use and if they don’t do well don’t give up try them again in a different spot. Positioning of your herbs is important for success. Herbs need at least four hours of sun a day to do well. That said a pot of Basil on the windowsill used up in a week then dumped and replaced also works well indoors.


Water Wise Hanging Baskets

Rock roses cascade as they get olderVertical gardening with hanging baskets continues to be one of the most popular ways to add some personal style and colour around the home. Make your own hanging baskets of colour and unusual plants to lift the eye in the landscape or to bring your favourites closer to you. Using water wise plants and principles will help that you don’t have to water them every day.

If you can’t find an instant take home handing basket why not plant up your own. It’s super easy. Hanging baskets are notorious for drying out quickly because they are generally they are more exposed to wind and the elements. Select plants that don’t need a lot of water such as succulents or petunias etc.


The Eckards fertiliser quick guide

Using the correct fertiliser simplifies your gardeningEven though the garden has not slowed down as much this past winter it's time to wake it up and get it ready for summer. Over the next week sort out the lawn, feed the beds and to add a generous layer of compost all round. Which fertiliser should you be using on the lawns or the beds? Here's the Eckards quick guide to get you back to green fast.

If you are a new gardener or an experienced hand there is always something to learn or find useful. If you are still using the same fertilisers you were using ten years ago this is a must read. Technology and information changes and using the correct fertiliser simplifies your gardening experience and gives you the best results.