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Bringing Birds home to your garden

Keep your seed feeder full as the colder weather approaches

Gardening for the birds and how to attract more birds to the garden remains one of the most popular activities locally especially as the winter cold sets in. By supplementing their food you can do your bit to help them survive over the lean months when the city becomes colder, drier and the food sources get less.


Grow stuff in pots!

Create a container garden and grow

Growing in containers is one of the most popular ways to garden these days. A tip I can share is to never count all the pots at home ... I got to 54 in my garden and now my family think I'm a bit potty. Rather just love them and add some more as you go, Love the family and add more pots :-)

The advantage of container gardening is that it's easy to keep them looking good and it's an economical way for getting a new look with a few new plants each season. The choice of plant material is limited only by your imagination.


Get Colour Crazy

Pansy planting time

It's time to colour in for the new season. By planting now, the Pansies, Primulas and more will have an advantage over later planted ones because the warmer weather now will help them to grow bigger. Pansies are our most popular but don't forget things like Dianthus or Calendulas. This year, how about planting a different colour to what you always plant? By mixing it up inspiration and creativity will return. A change is as good as a holiday they say...

Did you know that one Pansy plant will have well over 600 flowers? No wonder we love them so much. Some new hybrids get over 800 flowers per plant over its lifetime.