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Summer Gardening

Agapanthus love summerAs we heading towards midsummer in December it’s a wonderfully full garden time of the year. The gardens look their best this time of the year without much effort especially after all the rain we’ve had. Every summer there are old favourites and new ones to add to the list especially if you are often out and about looking at gardens. This is what we think every summer gardener should find a spot for.


Perfect Poinsettias

Poinsettias symbolise the Christmas Star

It just would not be Christmas without Poinsettias! With striking pointed red leaves like a star surrounding a cluster of yellow flowers, poinsettias have become the symbol of Christmas around the world. The name for poinsettia in the ancient Aztec culture meant "star flower" and it is this link to the star over Bethlehem that brings them into the modern Christmas tradition. Here’s how to look after them.


Is your Lemon tree the best on the block?

Lemon Eureka is the most popularOne of the most popular and most versatile of fruit Lemons are used by many almost every day. Lemons are incredibly easy to grow, so we think every garden should have one. Being well suited to growing in containers they also work well on patios or balconies and as they are self pollinating you only need one tree to provide your own lemons. With a few easy steps to follow one can grow the best lemons.

Lemons set their fruit through early summer after a spring flowering and are ready to harvest from mid winter. They stay fresh on the tree for months which means that as they mature one can have a steady supply of fruit for most of the year.